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- LRB-S is a seismic isolation bearing inserting lead-tin alloy core in center of rubber bearing to improve core efficiency and reduce lead.
- Lead-tin alloy core in rubber bearing damp seismic energy by its structural non linear characteristics during earthquakes.

- LRB-S performs seismic isolation functions effectively than existing products LRB due to higher yield strength of lead-tin alloy core than lead core.
- Lead-Tin alloy has a characteristic that has been re-crystallized at room temperature, such as lead.
- Lead-Tin alloy has improved characteristics compared to existing product LRB such as ductility, fatigue strength, re-crystallization at room temperature.

- After earthquakes, lead and tin molecule structure turn back to the original molecular structure at room temperature.
- Yield strength of tin is about 1.7 times higher than lead.
- By adding tin characteristics to existing LRB, LRB-S have stable hysteretic characteristics over large deformation.