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Shutter Finger Joint (DSF)

The existing steel finger expansion joint device accumulates alien substances in the space between each finger plate which interferes with expansion joint movement of the bridge and causes structural problems to the stability of the expansion joint device. In addition, if some alien substances do accumulate in the drainage sheet of the expansion joint devices, then they will frequently damage the drainage sheet made of rubber material and degrade the drainage function which in turn causes an excessive increase in repair and maintenance costs. We are obligated to overcome these problems.

- Alien substances accumulate between the fingers of the expansion joint to hinder the expansion joint movement of a bridge.

- Alien substances that passed through the fingers of the expansion joint accumulate in the drainage sheet and damage the drainage sheet and deteriorate the drainage function.

- To remove accumulated alien substances requires periodic cleaning. (Cost and time accrue.)

- It is made of highly durable steel material. So it has a semi-permanent life. (A shutter is made of stainless material).
- Finger prevent alien substances from entering the device are effectively blocked by debris and durable, and maintenance costs of the bridge is possible

- Excellent durability and abrasion resistance due to a top of shutter is molded as stainless.

- A shutter(high elastic rubber) has always a perfect restoration

- No periodic cleaning due to perfectly preventing alien substances.

- It is constitution continued of a finger and finger and minimizes a resonance phenomenon, thus the influence of noise occurrence and shock can be minimized.

- It is shipped as the final product from the factory. Its torque on bolts and welding qualities are great.

- Conbine preventing alien substances equipment(Shutter) with sub-finger plate.

- Deformation down at expansion joint's contraction

- Restoration at expansion joint's expansion

- Excellent durability and abrasion resistance due to a top of shutter is molded as stainless.

(Unit : mm)
MODEL NO. Expansion
Structural Space C H BOLT
Min Mid Max
DSF-160 160 80 160 240 400 250 M22
DSF-200 200 100 200 300 410 250 M22
DSF-250 250 125 250 375 430 250 M22
DSF-300 300 150 300 450 450 250 M22
DSF-350 350 175 350 525 460 300 M22
DSF-400 400 200 400 600 480 300 M24
DSF-450 450 225 450 675 490 330 M24
DSF-500 500 250 500 750 500 350 M24
DSF-550 550 275 550 825 510 350 M24
DSF-600 600 300 600 900 530 350 M24

* 1. The above dimensions are standard dimensions. They are subject to change depending on the site conditions.
  2. A curved bridge may cause the finger shape/angle to vary depending on the direction of expansion joint or rotation.
  3. The leakage prevention facility in the lower area of the expansion jcint device.

(per 1m)
MODEL NO. Finish Concret
MODEL NO. Finish Concret
DSF-160 0.200 19.28kg DSF-400 0.288


DSF-200 0.205 19.28kg DSF-450 0.324 25.71kg
DSF-250 0.215 19.28kg DSF-500 0.350 25.71kg
DSF-300 0.225 19.28kg DSF-550 0.357 25.71kg
DSF-350 0.276 19.28kg DSF-600 0.317 25.71kg